Dr Kusumika Kanak

Dr Kusumika Kanak

Consultant - Dermatology
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Dr. Kusumika Kanak is a highly experienced dermatologist and cosmetologist, boasting 16 years of experience. Specializing in clinical dermatology, dermatosurgery, Mohs surgery, and aesthetic dermatology, she is renowned for her comprehensive expertise in skin care.

Dr. Kanak’s notable achievement includes leading the first team in Pune to perform Mohs surgery for skin cancer, recognized as the gold standard treatment for this condition. Her commitment to innovation and excellence in dermatological care is evident in her pioneering efforts. Beyond her clinical practice, Dr. Kanak is actively involved in raising awareness about skin-related conditions. She collaborates with various awareness programs through radio, newspapers, and non-governmental organizations, striving to educate the public and promote skin health. Dr. Kusumika Kanak’s dedication to dermatology and her proactive approach to community outreach make her a respected figure in the field.

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