Dr. Kshitija Daswadikar

Dr. Kshitija Daswadikar

Paediatrics and Neonatology
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Dr. Kshitija Daswadikar/Gaurkar, with over a decade of experience, is a highly regarded professional in the field of pediatrics. Following her DCH, she pursued and successfully completed a Fellowship in Neonatology, further solidifying her expertise in the specialized care of newborns.

Renowned for her clinical acumen and rational approach, Dr. Daswadikar/Gaurkar is a trusted figure in the medical community. Her areas of proficiency encompass a wide spectrum, including NICU procedures, breastfeeding guidance, nutrition advice, child development assessments, immunizations, counseling services, and parent education.

Dr. Daswadikar/Gaurkar’s commitment to providing comprehensive and holistic care is reflected in her diverse skill set. Her focus on not only treating medical conditions but also on educating and supporting parents underscores her dedication to the well-being of both the child and the family.

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