Dr Jayesh Desale

Dr Jayesh Desale

Consultant - Paediatric Surgery
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Dr. Jayesh is a dynamic and experienced Pediatric & Neonatal Surgeon in Pune. Dr. Jayesh has completed fellowships in CEMAST Essential Minimal Access Pediatrics Surgical Skills, CEMAST Advanced Minimal Access Pediatrics Surgical Training (Mumbai), and Advanced Hem Lab GI Surgery. This diverse training background underscores his dedication to providing comprehensive and advanced care to pediatric and neonatal patients.

His expertise includes performing surgical procedures to correct congenital problems in newborns, treat urologic issues in children, and address bowel diseases and injuries in pediatric patients.

Driven by a keen interest in research, Dr. Jayesh has contributed to various articles published in both National and International journals. His commitment to advancing medical knowledge is further evident through his presentations at State and National conferences.

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