Dr. Jai Adawadkar

Dr. Jai Adawadkar

Clinical Psychologist
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Jai Adawadkar, a dedicated mental health professional with 15 years of experience, holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Known for her strong empathy, problem-solving, analytical, and managerial skills, she has excelled in developing effective services tailored to clients’ needs.

Starting her career at the ‘Child and Adolescent Guidance Centre,’ Jai addressed various behavioral, emotional, and academic issues. She subsequently took on projects involving ‘Psychometric assessments,’ ‘Neuropsychological assessments,’ and ‘Intelligence and personality testing,’ contributing to screening processes with appropriate referrals and need-based interventions.
In 2010, Jai joined Parivartan Trust, a transformative experience in her professional journey. Beginning as a counselor, she progressed to become the ‘Program Manager’ for three Mental Health projects across seven states in India. During this impactful period, Jai played a key role in developing assessment tools, delivering intervention packages, and piloting them for individuals with mental health challenges. She showcased her work at the International Conference on Schizophrenia (ICONS) through a poster presentation.
Jai’s expertise also extends to counseling and training for children and parents in IB schools and children’s therapy centers, reflecting her commitment to fostering mental well-being in diverse settings.

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