Pradeep Suryawanshi

Dr. Pradeep Suryawanshi

Director & Senior Consultant - Paediatrics and Neonatology
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Dr. Pradeep Suryawanshi is a renowned senior neonatologist in India, currently based in Pune, with an impressive 15 years of experience.
He graduated from SBHGMC Dhule in 2000 with an MBBS and later earned an MD in Pediatrics from B.J. Medical College in Pune. His academic excellence continued as he pursued additional qualifications, obtaining a DCH and Fellowship in Neonatal Perinatal Medicine from the University of Sydney in Australia from 2001 to 2007.
Dr. Suryawanshi’s outstanding academic performance earned him numerous awards throughout his career. During his time in Australia, he underwent extensive training in neonatal functional echocardiography and point-of-care neonatal ultrasound. He is recognized as a pioneer in introducing functional Neonatal Echocardiography and Point of Care Neonatal Sonography in India.
His commitment to upholding the highest standards of care in neonatal intensive care management has earned him recognition nationwide. Dr. Suryawanshi’s exceptional leadership abilities and enthusiastic teaching have inspired many students. He has made significant contributions to the use of ultrasound as a bedside tool for appropriate early intervention in newborn care.
Dr. Pradeep Suryawanshi is the lead author of “Point of Care Neonatal Ultrasound and Neonatal Cardiology,” India’s first book in this field. Additionally, he is the primary author of “Newer Insights in Perinatology” and the “Atlas of Point-of-Care Neonatal Cranial Ultrasound.” His expertise and contributions make him a distinguished figure in the field of neonatology.

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