Dr. Jalil Mujawar

Dr. Jalil Mujawar

Paediatrics and Neonatology
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Dr. Jalil Mujawar, a highly experienced senior neonatologist and pediatrician, boasts an impressive 19-year career dedicated to the well-being of newborns and children. His extensive qualifications include MBBS, DNB (Peds), MNAMS (Peds), Neonatology Fellowship, SCHP (Australia), PGPN (Boston), and an MBA in Hospital Administration. Not only is Dr. Mujawar a distinguished practitioner, but he is also a devoted educator. Serving as a DNB (Pediatrics) teacher for three students, he has mentored numerous doctors and nurses who completed NNF fellowships at Sahyadri Hospital. Additionally, he has been a tutor for several DCH students.

Dr. Mujawar’s commitment extends to the national level, where he has been a basic and advanced NRP provider and NICU accreditor since 2015. He has conducted over 75 courses across Maharashtra, training healthcare professionals to care for and save newborns at birth. Furthermore, he has played a vital role in accrediting multiple SNCUs and NICUs, contributing to the enhancement of their operational standards. Dr. Jalil Mujawar’s multifaceted expertise makes him an invaluable asset in the field of neonatology and pediatrics.

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